Rousselot world-class gelatins

Rousselot offers an extensive and unmatched portfolio of world-class gelatins, manufactured through state of the art operations. All our products meet the highest global quality and safety standards.


Peptan is the globally leading collagen peptide brand under Rousselot’s Health and Nutrition segment. Peptan are bioactive collagen peptides that have been specifically developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated Peptan’s ability to promote healthy living.

Carrageenan & Stabilizers

Our unique line of carrageenans help increase product yields while enhancing texture, juiciness, and product integrity, and reducing package purge. They do not affect the taste, colour, or smell of the finished product.

Omegavie marine oils

Omegavie® marine oils is a full range of natural, concentrated and ultra-concentrated marine-derived oils made in France in our factory entirely dedicated to lipochemistry.