GPI products include food gums and anti-microbials for the meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bakery, confectionary, beverage, vegetarian, sauces, jelly, culinary, pet food, and non-food industries. We utilizes proprietary and patented technology in the processing of multi-functional natural ingredients. GPI provides innovative and custom-tailored solutions to many food processing challenges such as food safety among others.

Our unique line of carrageenans help increase product yields while enhancing texture, juiciness, and product integrity, and reducing package purge. They do not affect the taste, colour, or smell of the finished product. Our natural anti-microbials naturally extend shelf life and enhance flavour. GPI products are used to reduce sodium and may be used with or without phosphates. Our goal is to be at the forefront of food technology for healthier products.

GPI’s carrageenans and gum blends effectively interacts with milk proteins to stabilize various dairy products and are suitable for processed cheese products, whipping cream, yoghurts, ice creams, flans, and puddings.

In processed cheese products, they stabilize pasteurized processed cheese products or cold pack cheese food products by maintaining protein structure, providing uniform and smooth meltdown, as well as clean flavour.

Our technologies are used in various forms of yoghurt products – longer shelf-life yoghurt drinks, live bacteria acidified milk drinks, HTST yoghurt drinks and medium-to-full body stir and set yoghurt. They prevent protein sedimentation and syneresis, provide good emulsification and impart homogeneous appearance and texture and a great alternative to gelatin.

Low and high fat whipping cream enjoy greater foam stability and syneresis control with rich flavour and mouthfeel.

Chocolate flavoured beverages are often made with cocoa powder, which is an insoluble ingredient, and will settle and separate over time during storage. Carrageenan addition to chocolate milk as a stabilizer, suspends cocoa particles over time.

In flans and puddings, carrageenans designed for medium reactivity with milk proteins result in firm and creamy milk gels that are easily demouldable and yet have a full body texture. Synergistic effect with modified starches provide creamier and more pudding-like flan with reduced syneresis.

A wide range of ice-cream products benefit from our carrageenans and hydrocolloid blends: hard pack and soft serve ice-cream.

Gum blend stabilizer helps ice cream withstand fluctuating temperature during long transport, prevents large ice crystal formation, and provides creamy body and mouthfeel, smooth meltdown, excellent whipping and overrun properties.

Kappa-carrageenan in particular, is considered to be a secondary stabilizer in ice cream. At very low levels, it reduces phase separation in milk proteins and polysaccharides (whey-off). This unique protein stabilizing functionality makes carrageenan an essential component of most stabilizer blends in ice cream.

The results? Rich, creamy ice-cream products that demonstrate excellent flavour release.

Natural food gums such as carrageenan improve the form and function of both hot and cold dairy, soy, whey, rice or non-protein systems. They suspend particulates such as cocoa and minerals, prevent sedimentation and separation, and stabilize under ambient and refrigerated conditions. They also ensure uniform distribution of colour and enhance texture and mouthfeel of the beverage. We offer a variety of carrageenan products for UHT dairy beverages, UHT whey-based beverages and pasteurized or HTST dairy beverages.

Our natural food gum blends are designed for fruit toppings on cookies and for fruit pie fillings. They decrease syneresis, lower boil out and help control viscosity. Besides imparting a smooth texture, they also diminish the stickiness and chewiness of the fruit toppings and fillings after baking.

High-grade carrageenan and gums support the formation of thermos-reversible transparent gels that are demouldable and experience minimal syneresis. They yield jellies with a wide range of texture that have a longer shelf-life and can be stored in both ambient and refrigerated conditions.

We have created blends that span factory-processed cup jellies to instant dessert jelly premixes, which have texture and mouthfeel similar to gelatin-based jelly desserts. Gelatin takes longer to set and begins to break down at room temperature. Blends of natural hydrocolloids can gel at much lower usage levels, remain stable at higher temperatures, and are more durable. Additionally, these gels are suitable for vegetarians to consume.

Our carrageenan blends for meat applications are customized for optimum functionality in frozen, fresh and cooked meat products. As a stabilizer, they control purge or syneresis during processing and storage. As an extender, it allows reduction of formulation costs without sacrificing cook yields and overall eating quality of the finished product.

Certain blends serve as sodium or fat replacers (lean meat extenders) in further processed meat: from ground beef to hams and emulsified meat products, such as bologna or mortadella. Others carry out specialized functions to boost the retention of natural juice and/or marinades, to enhance binding property for better body structure, to improve sliceability or to serve as effective safeguards against spoilage.

GPI’s vinegar flavoured systems are excellent solutions to enhance flavour and extend shelf life of ham and other processed meat products. These systems are healthier options developed from natural sources as preservatives to inhibit growth of spoilage bacteria and L. monocytogenes. Our highly functional liquid and powder vinegar blends are an effective safeguard against food spoilage.